Micro Bikini Swimsuits

The season that brings sun, sand, and micro bikini swimsuits together is just around the corner again. Though you’re up for enjoying a relaxing and fun-filled vacation at the beach, you should also be aware of the many dangers lying in wait for the unwary ones. Though in a micro bikini you can be classified by other women as a potential predator, there are more dangers out there. Flashing your privates is the least of your problems when you wear these miniscule pieces to the beach. Here are just a few of those hazards and how you can avoid or remedy them so you can enjoy a blissful vacation.


Sure, the whole point of wearing those string bikini swimsuits is to catch more sun to tan your skin to a golden hue. However, if you’re not careful enough, you might end up with burnt skin. Aside from having painful blisters, excessive exposure to sun’s rays can also be a cause for skin cancer. Avoid dozing when sunning yourself in the open. If you can’t help it, at least find a shady spot that will offer you some protection from direct sunlight.  Wearing sunscreen can also offer the much-needed protection on areas that your micros don’t cover, which is like, most of your body.

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Dangerous sealife

Jellyfish, sea anemones, and other dangerous sealife are hazards to beachgoers every year. One way to prance in your micro mini wetsuit safely is to check for warnings in local beaches. Most of these critters come closer to bathing areas at the end of summer because the water there is warm. For jellyfish stings, hot water or white vinegar can help ease the discomfort. Also pack in anti-histamines if you think you’re susceptible to allergies as well. Seek immediate medical attention when you’re stung by one of these critters.

Just because you’re waterborne most of the time, it doesn’t mean you won’t get dehydrated. On the contrary, many beachgoers also suffer from dehydration and exhaustion because they fail to take in proper amounts of water or liquids. Be sure to have a bottle of water handy when hanging out in the sun this summer so you can quench the heat in your throat.


Bodily injuries

Often, you’re too engrossed in looking hot in that teeny piece to notice that surfboard coming at you. Getting hit by a surfboard or a kayak paddle also figures in the list of beach dangers. Be mindful of swimming areas even before you go into the water. Aside from surfing or boating areas, steer clear of rip tides that are strong enough to rip those tiny swatches of cloth from your body and drag you to the ocean.


Sand isn’t your bikini’s best friend as the rough particles often chafe and damage the fibers of your swimsuit. Lay down a towel or a sarong on the sand before plopping down for your suntanning session.